Job description

Who are we?

Teamleader is a SaaS scale-up founded in 2012 in Ghent, Belgium. With Teamleader Focus we simplify work for small businesses by offering an all-in-one solution for CRM, project management and invoicing. Teamleader Orbit, acquired in 2019, focuses on helping medium-sized agencies thrive. By joining forces, we became the logical choice for any European business, big or small, that aims to automate and simplify work.

As we’re growing fast, we’re looking for an Application Architect for Teamleader Focus to strengthen our team.

Who we are and how we roll

On an average month, this is how we are performing:

  • Our model of operations is to build long-lasting cross-functional feature teams consisting of a product owner, UX designer, back- and frontend engineers working in tandem on a specific feature domain. Mid 2021 we have 4 of these teams, and we are looking to grow that towards 6 by the end of the year.
  • We do Continuous Deploys, and sometimes +10 times per day, including during peak business hours thanks to our clever build and deploy pipeline and a modern runtime architecture using Kubernetes.
  • When we deploy, we create impact for our +12K customers with many more users. So we spend a good portion of our time doing PR reviews and facilitating the flow around it. On average, we deliver about 60% of new work during each sprint, 30% refactors and 10% bug fixes / support. These metrics are monitored by the team, not by the management.
  • Pair and mob programming are very common sightings in our day-to-day development work, not only during onboarding or for tutoring new joiners.
  • We have a unique take on QA using state-of-the-art automated testing tools ( ) and QA advisors working inside and supporting the feature teams during story grooming and acceptance criteria analysis.
  • Our multi-national engineering team consists of 20+ high-performing but most importantly human software engineers with a variety of backgrounds and skills. We are high on culture but also strongly committed to our customers' success.
  • We are a software company aiming for lasting growth and success, building and operating a tech stack that is future-proof and providing a productive and pleasant developer experience.

Your Role

As an Application Architect,

  • You have a vision to achieve long-term technical excellence which you nurture proactively by having conversations with key stakeholders: Product Management, Customer Success, Go-To Market teams.
  • You assume a technical leadership role in the Engineering team. You work together with the feature teams to create compelling technical roadmaps and designs, and to design and ship a platform which facilitates our sustained growth in velocity and agility.
  • You support feature teams in assessing workloads and roadmaps and becoming confident estimators.
  • You pair with competence area experts in front-end development, data and devops to co-create a holistic architectural roadmap. You make sure the architecture documentation (C4 model) is kept up to date and reflects reality. You create a plan to manage technical debt and keep legacy creation under control.
  • You’re the MC of our ADR process. That is, you as the Master of Ceremony are proactively scouting for opportunities to enrich our database of Architectural Decision Records. You assist and guide developers to propose and draft ADRs and guide the team in getting them approved and adopted.
  • Together with DevOps and our lead developers, you own and efficientize our CI pipeline and developer experience.
  • Together with our Data team, you collaborate on designing efficient methods for metric and data collection and transfer (our DWH resides in Redshift and we’re a heavy Looker user).
  • Depending on your profile, you will be actively involved in guiding our platform team which creates shared design, code and pipeline artefacts to support the feature teams.

We value diversity

Our ambition is to build a product that helps everyone everywhere (starting with Europe) to work smarter, so we want our team to reflect that. We believe that a diverse, inclusive working environment is crucial to realise that ambition, so we’re committed to continue to build and cherish a culture where every colleague feels welcome, appreciated and heard.

Perks of working at Teamleader

  • A liberal training budget to spend as you choose
  • A personal tooling budget, to make working from home as comfortable as it is in our offices
  • Daily budget-friendly lunch and dinner, as well as Free Food Friday and Cava Demo Day now we’re ready to welcome you at our offices again
  • Our long-lasting dedication to employee wellbeing, just take a look at our Instagram to see how we keep the Team(leader)-spirit going, even remote
  • Competitive and market-conforming compensation and benefits, including company car or other mobility options 

This position is open for non-local applicants. We support and embrace remote working but expect applicants to have a valid EU working permit, to participate in daily team meetings via Zoom, and being able to regularly travel to our Ghent headquarters for team meetings.


Who you are

  • You have at least 8 years of experience in a senior technical contributor role, of which at least 5 years as hands-on software engineer. You have been working in larger, multi-team organisations and on larger software systems for at least 3 years.
  • You are an advocate of modern application design frameworks and architectural patterns such as DDD and Event Sourcing.
  • Strong bonus points: experience in SaaS design and delivery, experience/expertise in cloud platforms (we run on AWS), more specifically cloud-native orchestration frameworks (Kubernetes, Nomad…)
  • You are a team player, of course, but are also not afraid to speak your mind strongly and convincingly to get your point across. For this first position in this role, influential leadership is a key competence.
  • You have excellent communication and negotiation skills, including presentations to management.
  • You aspire technical excellence but are able to balance this with pragmatic reasoning.

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